What kind of illusion are we under when we think we have a free press when it’s clearly quite the contrary? A rather foolish illusion. In the UK we have a media system that is ran by an Australian-American business-person who is a genius when it comes to popular culture and media. In fact, he invented it. It is yet another hideous money driven capitalised industry that we are lead to believe we cannot live without. 

This goes back to the industrial revolution were there was a boom in the growth of urban areas which brought people closer to cities and started to form urban areas. Society began to mix more as more transport became available and factories replaced jobs on the land. Factories mass producing clothes and finishing products such as clothes, make up and accessories were unheard of among the less fortunate members of society. Fashion only existed as a high art reserved for rich people. Fashion quickly became something we thought we needed. Factories were making clothes to sell to the masses, to print adverts in magazines and so the cycle is this: Jobs in the factories, jobs in the shops, jobs delivering goods, jobs in the magazine, jobs in the shops that sold magazines, jobs in the distribution of magazines. Jobs everywhere: money everywhere. It wasn’t just clothes being advertised in magazines, it was trends, behaviours, music and more; culture was being dictated to us. And It still is. There are stupid people all over this country, young stupid people especially. Minds have been tortured because these sick foreign business-pigs are telling people that the X-Factor and The Daily Mail are true representations of society when they are in fact engineered, synthetic versions of ‘needs and wants’ driven by money and greed.

People ought to put down their rags and turn of their televisions and put themselves in a position to make up their own minds about what’s going on. Maybe people should wake up to the reality of the The X Factor, Rihanna, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Mirror and all the other twisted psychological tricks that are played daily in order to make money and facilitate more false ‘needs and wants’. 

In answer to my own question, no we don’t have a free press and yes I do think Rupert Murdock should be prosecuted for his involvement in The Phone Hacking Scam and furthermore should be forced to close his company thus resulting in deportment back to the USA where his identified nationality is found. His ‘media giant’ should seize to exist as soon as possible so we can operate a clean press, a stable press and a controlled press. One in which children are not subject to corruption at the expense of obsessive business-pigs wallets’. How can we claim to live in a country free from governmental control when its evident that we are governed by one thing: the ‘need’ to make money by any means necessary.